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Knowledge is Power, Technology is Everything

Revolution in the communication and technology world increases the need for data. A different kind of lifestyle is created where you can do everything with a point of a finger. Imagine the whole world in the palm of your hands. Everybody else races to present, promote and distribute their products on the internet. Even famous companies who own branches all over the world use the technology of the internet to connect to their work link. This makes data transfer much easier. Many also use Internet technology for their communication needs such as “VoIP”. For personal needs, many play online games, connecting them to million other game players worldwide, watching videos, TV even purchasing PizzaHut orders online.

The accessibilities mentioned above needs a fast and stable data communication. The dial-up era moves slowly to the wireless direction, even to ADSL technology. These media depend on their own internet providers. Because of the constant need for fast and stable internet connection, Dhecyber emerges as one of the best internet provider companies.

These are only some of the many benefits of Dhecyber:

  • Connection to fiber optic suppliers of Indonesia
  • Connection to the Indonesian internet exchange and Open IXP
  • Our service guarantees you 100% level of satisfaction
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Commited Support

In Dhecyber’s journey, we often encounter questions like “How do we know that you have a proficient service?” This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Simply because there are so many internet providers that offer cheap prices, sweet promises that meet the eyes, but in reality do not perform up to the expectations of the customer. But we are confident to say that we are different and that Dhecyber exists to give and know the needs of our internet users. Service- is our no. 1 priority!.